Company Policies

Occupational Health and Safety

As required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Act 85 of 1993, the company discourages any work being done if safety is compromised. This is one thing that management is opposed to and stringent measures will be taken against anyone who is found to be in a bridge of this law. We as a company are obliged to provide safety to our employees. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) shall be provided and should be worn and used at all times. Management will not be held liable for any employee’s injury if found(employee) to have compromised on safety.

Employee Relations Policy

The employment relationship is viewed by the company as essentially one of exchange which comes into being when a person is employed to be available to work in exchange for some remuneration. This relationship is derived from the fact that primary parties are engaged in a relationship of exchange. The employee gives their energy, skill, knowledge, abilities and productive time in return for a reward including economic or financial aspects. Money as the exchange medium is thus central to the employment relationship.

Labour Relations Policy

South Africa is a democratic country and bargaining together with strikes are part of workers’ rights. We encourage our employees to come to us with whatever grievance they might have and the company will endeavour to open a discussion with employees. If the matter is not resolved to the employee satisfaction and all arbitration rules have been exhausted then an employee is free to decide what role to follow in line with the labour relations act.

Skills Development Policy

We recognise the history of our country and the challenges that it brings in the current day. We as a company are dedicated to transferring knowledge of any kind to our employees and strongly encourage over-the-shoulder training at work as we believe experience cannot be replaced. We, however, encourage our staff to uplift themselves through formal studies. The company, therefore, undertakes to invest in, however, way possible in our workforce up-skilling. We subscribe to the rules and regulations as stated in the SDA act 97 of 1998.

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