About Us


History of Company

MO-GUTTERS a subsidiary of KabKat Trading and Projects cc was started in the year 2007, however, was to be registered under the Close Corporation auspices of Department of Trade and Industries in 2008. The company is a 100% BBBEE owned by young aspirant South Africans.

KAB-KAT the name is a combination of two Sesotho names KABelo meaning share and KATleho meaning success. We therefore invite you to share success with us in this journey that we intend travelling. We are going to conquer eventually however we don’t anticipate an easy path as the road to success is filled with obstacles which we’ll have to climb together.

The MO-GUTTERS is involved in multiple building renovations but mainly. Gutters however we’re able to manufacture and install Burglars, Aluminum Windows & doors, Painting, Pillar cladding and car-ports.

Modise Setoaba, our Chairman

Modise Setoaba our Chairman is an ex-Telkom and MTN employee who has 13 years in the field of communication. During his service at the companies, he worked briefly as a safety representative officer for general staff. This entailed that he must make it a point that workers and the company complied with safety regulations.

He has a passion for safety and believes it should not be taken for granted as taught by his experience in the field.



Occupational Health and Safety

As required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Act 85 of 1993, the company discourages any work being done if safety is compromised.This is one thing that management is opposed to and stringent measures will be taken against anyone who is found to be in a bridge of this law.

Employee Relations Policy

The employment relationship is viewed by the company as essentially one of exchange which comes into being when a person is employed to be available to work in exchange for remuneration, derived from the fact that primary parties are engaged in a relationship of exchange.

Labour Relations Policy

South Africa is a democratic country and bargaining together with strikes are part of workers’ rights. We encourage our employees to come to us with whatever grievance they might have and the company will endeavour to open a discussion with employees.

Skills Development Policy

We recognise the history of our country and the challenges that it brings in the current day. We as a company are dedicated to transferring knowledge of any kind to our employees and strongly encourage over-the-shoulder training at work as we believe experience cannot be replaced.

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